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Name: Natalie

Location: Hammersmith, West London

'Visit Me' Rate: Please ask me

'Visit You' Rate: Please ask me

Working Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 6.30pm

Language Spoken: English

Therapy Types: Swedish Relaxing Massage, Energetic Massage, Deep Tissue with Yuan Shi Dian and Pelvic Correction

Therapist Introduction:

Welcome to my profile, my name is Nathalie I am a professional massage therapist.

Massage location for massage near Hammersmith.

I do not provide sexual services of any kind. Please do not ask.

My treatments will leave you feeling very relaxed and re invigorated, I have a dedicated Massage studio in my home in West London with soft music, hot oils and shower facilities. I do offer a combination of Swedish with energetic massage or deep tissue with Yuan Shi Dian which is origin point medicine principles & techniques that are focused on boosting our body's self healing capabilities and pelvic correction. Research shows that as many as 75% of people who do not show any symptoms have an Anterior Pelvic Tilt which is the most common cause of back pain. It effects posture and the shape of the spine and may lead to more serious ailments if not treated.

I also offer all aspects of spiritual counselling, and life coaching.

Professional massage therapist in West London near Hammersmith station. 

Advanced bookings essential.

This is strictly not sexual service.

More about Yuan Shi Dian

Yuan Shi Dian (“YSD”) is based on the principle of “People the Foremost, Patient the Teacher”. It is a type of natural medicine that is “safe and effective, simple and environmentally friendly, non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive". Yuan Shi Dian started from zero without preconceived notions, was drawn bit by bit and evolved from practical performance on people.

You can visit me for a massage near Hammersmith, in West London.

Contact me on: 0700000000