Lomi Lomi Massage Therapy

The lomilomi massage style is distinguished by its broad strokes, very large as well as two handed stokes that helps to enlist elbows as well as forearms. This massage therapy covers major area of body and also works over muscles in order to create much better flow of harmony and love, it helps to wash all harmful memories, thoughts, patterns and behaviors from our cells. In simple terms we can say that LomiLomi massage therapy helps to regulate a positive flow of energy in our body with improved healing capacity

LomiLomi massage technique was earlier practiced by ancient Polynesian healers and it was considered to be very powerful therapy. With time it followed one traditional philosophy that is named as Huna, it use to state that everything in this world demand love and harmony. This is the major reason that LomiLomi massage is considered to be effective only if it is done with loving hands thus it is also known as loving hands massage.

Experience LomiLomi Massage technique

Before introduction of lomilomi massage therapy, expert therapists use to chant some healing prayers during massage in order to request proper relief to body. This method is still popular with lomilomi massage as here therapists use to hum while doing massage. Actually this massage therapy is a bond of prayers and acknowledgements from higher power so that we can stay healthier with improved physical and mental conditions.

Note that two sessions of lomilomi massage cannot be same because they are performed with fluid in a very rhythmic manner by using elbows, forearms and hands in order to apply broad strokes at different parts of body. Therapists make use of specialized oils and lotions for this massage and the unique technique of requesting deep healing for body makes this massage technique more popular among users. The Huna philosophy use to make comments for trapping of energy into joints with this massage therapy so it is preferred to organize each stroke in much better manner with gentle stretches, joint rotations and more love that is applied by expert therapist so that a positive energy can flow in the body of client.

Benefits of Lomi Lomi Massage

With all these amazing facts, lomilomi massage becomes most preferred choice by most of customers. But this technique results in positive effect only if it is done with more love and expert movements as described by Huna philosophy. There are some specialized oils available that add more effect to this massage therapy and it helps to make your body much energetic. Lomilomi massage technique is much better option to heal all joint pains and mental disturbances in life. A soft touch of loving hands of therapists will help you to forget all bad memories of your life and will help you to attain positive energy in body with improved harmony. If you are searching for an effective body massage that can improve your health then it is good to go ahead with lomilomi massage but it must always be done by professionals only.

Your Body Deserves Best Lomi Lomi Massage

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Many traditionally taught lomilomi Massage Practitioners find it virtually impossible to offer authentic lomilomi massage in a spa or studio setting and are unwilling to work in most spas or providing mobile massages. They prefer to treat selected clients quietly and privately, often in their private home settings.

Lomilomi massage practitioners may also ask their clients to pray, change diets, meditate and engage in other self-help activities usually believed to lie outside the scope of massage in an effort to  help the clients obtain optimal health balance. This style of massage is now a common and popular massage modality throughout the world, especially in Japan, Australia and Europe, is very different from authentic lomilomi. Have a LomiLomi today!

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