Head Massage - Psychological Benefits

Indian head massage can help in balancing the body’s energy centre or chakras through the release of pent up energy, helping the body to operate at its maximum capacity.
This can relieve migraines, headaches and other similar psychological illnesses.
This can dramatically decrease anxiety, stress and mental tension.
This can clear and revitalize the mind that will then improve mental responsiveness and concentration.
This can help in improving memory capabilities.
This can promote a lasting and deeper sense of calm, peace and tranquility.

For many centuries, massage has been an important form of medicine that man has ever known. In fact, it is the oldest medical practice that is continuously being used up to this day and age. Massage has several types and forms and one of these is the so-called Indian head massage. Also referred to as Champissage, the Indian head massage is a relaxing massage that has been based on the ancient Ayurvedic healing system that has been passed down in India from one generation to another. This is a holistic therapy that incorporates the body, mind and spirit. Originally, the massage was practiced for keeping the hair beautifully conditioned through the stimulation of the blood flow to the scalp, which will then nourish the hair roots. Different herbs, oils and spices with acclaimed healing properties were being used in this process, giving the additional benefit of relieving some of the common scalp problems. At first, this was almost exclusively concerned with massaging the hair follicles and the head. But in time, this has been developed to incorporate manipulation and massage of the face, shoulders, neck, upper arms and upper back that are all essential energy centers of the body.

Pamper Yourself with Indian Head Massage

With the everyday grind that people have to go through, there is nothing wrong if you get to pamper yourself each time you get the chance. An Indian head massage is certainly one of the best forms of massage that can help eliminate all the stress and tension from your body and give you the ultimate relaxation that you deserve.

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Indian Head Massage and Its Many Wonders

Benefits of Indian Head Massage

The Indian head massage is very relaxing, with a unique balancing effect on the person as this helps them release tension and stress that creates an overall sense of wellbeing and peace. As this specific form of massage can be done over the clothing in seated position, it can be practiced anywhere at any time, making this easily available for everyone who would like to experience its benefits.

It can improve circulation of blood around the neck and head area that helps with the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide nutrients.
It can relieve muscle tension and improve mobility in the neck and upper body.
It can improve the lymphatic damage from the neck and head that helps remove toxins and waste.
It can relax the body to enhance mental concentration.
It can relieve eye strain.
It can reduce congestion and other sinus-related conditions.

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