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​Daily life impacts on our body in many ways. Although we can easily become tired, stressed, anxious and exhausted we seldom create the space to explore the therapeutic form of beneficial relaxation. Holistic massage can create instant improvement in the quality of sleep and concentration, improve circulation and waste removal and encourage deeper, more relaxed breathing, and is an accessible treatment for all ages. I have been told by my clients that I have magical hands and I am getting regular returning customers.

One of the greatest effects of most massages is that it can make you feel much better about yourself!
Massage helps everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed after.
Well, many people in London have agreed to this, the reason that many of them have considered relaxing massage as a kind of mini-vacation from daily stress.

Nina's Healing Hands Massage in London

'Visit You' - Greenwich

Name: Nina

Location: Greenwich, North Greenwich, Canary Wharf, Canada Water Docklands, City of London

'Visit Me' Rate: N/A

'Visit You' Rate: Please ask me

Working Hours: Monday and Tuesday 4pm- 8pm; Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 7pm - 10pm; Sunday on request

Language Spoken: English

Therapy Types: Full Body Relaxing Massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Healing Touch Massage for Balancing Chakras

Therapist Introduction:

Hi All,
My name is Nina; I am a qualified massage therapist. I have more than 5 years of experience in a massage role. 
Massage has a long tradition as a healing therapy and has been used by many cultures for centuries to treat and alleviate a wide range of disorders, at 1887. Dr Stretch Dowse wrote: 'It seems to me that massage is destined to play an essential part in the future of the human race'.

The system of massage, if properly conducted, tends to maintain the pure mind in the healthy body. A truly complementary therapy, massage is a positive way of comforting the ill and relieving unpleasant symptoms. By stroking and soothing, you're helping a patient relax and improve the quality of his rest and seep. The simple act of touching can play an indispensable part in the healing process. The immune system, which helps the body fight disease, is stimulated when the patient feels cared for; the sheer pleasure of massage is therapeutic. 
The mind, which before the massage is in a perturbed, restless, vacillating, and even despondent state, becomes, after a massage, calm, quiet, peaceful and subdued: in fact, the wearied and worried mind has been converted into a mind restful, placid and refreshed.

Massage is the ideal way of reducing stress, whether psychical or emotional.  By relaxing taut muscles, it enables the whole body and mind to relax. 

Balancing Chakras Massage -  it is a therapy teaching to balance and energize your chakras. There is through to be seven energy points along the body, starting at the base of the spine to the crown on the head. Chakras are like funnels of energy that can go counter clockwise and clockwise and are linked to your major organs and glands in the body. To be in perfect harmony, all of your chakras should be open. I will use a gentle touch to work to balance your energy from the base of the spine and help it diffuse through your body to unlock any chakras, leaving you feeling lighter and properly aligned. Some of the techniques are familiar to most clients.

I like my job because it gives me pleasure to see how you can help people relax and sort out their health problems through massage. My massage skills help many of my clients to cum down and change their life in different directions. I am also giving consulting services because sometimes it is important to speak with some and share your problem. Sometimes a warm and friendly conversation can help us deal with our doubts and fears; through consulting, I am helping clients find the best solution for them in their private life. Sometimes we need to speak with someone to get clearness in our mind. I am available as well for tarot services. 

Everyone is welcome to experience my mobile massage services (any gender, age, size, sexuality). I will ensure you feel comfortable through the massage, consulting or tarot reading services. 

Please call me or text me on WhatsApp to arrange an appointment.
Last booking at Monday and Tuesday at 8.30 pm (bear in mind that I am starting these days at 4 pm, because of my University classes).
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday the last appointment is at 9.00 pm (bear in tour mind that I am starting at 7 pm) 

Sunday only at request!

Massage table I am bringing with me only on request because it is cumbersome; usually, I am doing massage in the old traditional way.


Contact me on: 07551027372

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