Best Massage London Therapists

Looking for the best Massage providers?

Massage the UK is one of the web's leading massage sites. It contains a selection of massage therapists specialising in all different types of massage. There are male and female therapists, as well as therapists living in different parts of London.

The site is easy to navigate and full of reputable professionals, all trained in a variety of different massage types. Hiring an individual therapist is a great way to get an enjoyable massage. Please check between Masseuse or Masseur to find  the one who will meet your expectations regarding qualification, experience and the area you live in.

London, being the big city that it is, is full of these individual therapists, meaning you can get the type of massage you want at a price that suits you.

Frequently Asked Questions - Therapist

Q. I am NOT qualified therapist. Can I still advertise on the site?

A. Yes, you can. Profiled 'therapists' and 'advertisers' should be at least a keen massage giver, positive energy 'body worker', or passionate trainee massage. It is advisable to inform your clients about your qualifications and type of massage you provide best.

We do not take any responsibilities for any individuals actions.

Q. I am a Therapist and have signed up, how long will it take before my profile is on the site?

A. It takes on average 24 hours as every profile submitted needs to be processed and checked before it goes live.

Q. Is there any reason that you will not allow a profile to go on the site?

A. All entries are subjected to consideration of moderator and can be amended or cancelled at anytime.

Q. I want to change my profile details but I cannot amend them once set in my profile. How do I change my details and photos?

A. Just send us an email with the details you want to include or amend, and attach the pictures you want us to update on your profile. Once edited your profile should be updated within 24 hours but usually quicker.

Q. Can I include a link to my website or YouTube. How much does it cost?

A. Yes, we can add your website's URL address on Platinum Profiles for therapeutic and relaxing massages only. Same rule applies for YouTube link.

Q. Can I report misbehaving, rude, abusive, and other unacceptable behaviours to you?

Yes, after we were getting some therapists reporting misbehaving customers, we have added a list of the incidents so you can add the numbers on your mobile and block them from contacting you. You will then be less likely to engage in a nonsense conversations or being winded up by the person booking your service. Please check the REPORTED CASES, and send us your report to be added on the page if you come across a misbehaving customer - Contact Us.

Frequently Asked Questions-Client

Q. I want to ask for a call out service. What I will be massaged on?

A. It is in each individual therapist interest to provide information about the course of massage.

Most customers prefer to be massaged on their own bed or floor. Create your own massage room at home in a few minutes. It also means that the therapist can travel to you quicker.

Q. Do I need to provide anything for the massage?

A. It is in each individual therapist interest to provide such a information. Normally, therapists should bring the oil, their passion to massage, and eventually a music CD. Towels should be provided by the client, which is most hygienic option.

Q. What am I suppose to wear when I get a massage?

For an oil base massage you should undress to your own level of comfort and cover yourself with a large towel. Ask your therapist for the advice in this matter.

Avoid using perfumes, body oils lotions; other skin and hair products. It is also recommended to remove jewellery and body piercing so they don’t restrict you or your therapist in any way, get massage oil on them etc.

Q. What about hygiene? Should I really bother?

Good hygiene practice is very important. Respect your therapist and have a nice warm cleansing shower before massage session. Shower will allow you to get rid of cosmetics, body lotion etc; Relax and freshen up before your massage, unless it is advised otherwise by your therapist. Ask if in doubt.

Q. How to prepare for a massage?

There are many different types of massages; find the one which suits your needs.

Allow yourself time to get to your appointment, arrive early, especially if this is your first appointment, as you may be asked to fill out a health questionnaire. Respect the practitioner’s time. If you have to cancel your appointment do it as soon as you find this out. Many therapist will still charge you in full, if you don’t give at least 24 hours notice.

Q. Should I inform about my health condition?

Tell your practitioner about any medical condition, allergies, preferences and expectations before your session. During your massage relax your muscles and breathe normally .

Q. Can I eat before the massage?

Allow at least 30minutes one hour between eating and your appointment, and avoid eating a heavy meal. Do not drink alcohol and limit caffeine intake to a minimum on the day of your massage. Use the restroom before, you want to relax during your massage, which can be difficult with a full bladder.

Q. What should I do after receiving a massage?
Drink plenty of water after the massage water will help to rehydrate you and help to rid your body of toxins.
Gently stretch afterwards
It is normal for your muscles to be slightly sore after a massage, this may last for a few days
if you have soreness for more than just a few days you need to let the therapist know, the massage may have been to deep for your tolerance and the next time you come in he/she will know how to adjust their pressure.