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Take a look at the example:

Number of Monthly Website Visitors of Your Profile - 300

Generated New Clients Per Month – 30

Your Conversion Rate – 10%

Value Per Booking - £50

Total New Client Value Per Month - £1500

Your Investment - £70

Your Return of Investment (ROI) - £1430

Is it worthy to advertise on Massages Me UK?

If you decide to be listed with us and on Gold Profile there is huge possibility that you will get minimum 300 views per month (as an example – however it is usually much higher). That may generate leads – 30 bookings a month (your conversion rate 10% - very reasonable however depends on the style of massage, clientele and price for the service). If we multiply 30 x £50 (per massage per hour - more or less depending of the style of massage) equals £1500 per month. Is it not worthy to invest as little as £70 a month to have possible income of £1500 (just 5% of your investment) and more?

If you say ‘YES’ than do not waste your time and ‘Get Listed’ on ‘Massages Me UK’ today!

Platinum Profile - 30 Days of Service
*£100 - Male & Female Therapists
What You Get:

  • Site banner
  • Top of listing
  • Unlimited service/profile description
  • Photo gallery with up to 8 pictures
  • Website & Email link
  • Email form
  • Youtube link and/or video play
  • Location map

Gold Profile - 30 Days of Service
*£80 - Male & Female Therapists
What You Get:

  • Site banner

  • Top of listing over Silver and below Platinum
  • Unlimited service/profile description
  • Photo gallery with up to 4 pictures
  • Location Map

11 Reasons why being on Massages Me UK is important to Your Business

Do you provide Massage in London? Let us promote you and your business on 'Massages.Me.Uk'. Promoting your Massage Services trough Massages Me UK  is one of the most cost-effective methods of advertisement. Advertising with us results in more revenue for businesses and an excellent return on small investments (ROI).Why else should you consider advertising on Massages Me UK?

1. High quality target marketing for your SPA business and London Massage Services
2. Much more cost effective than advertising on other website
3. We invest in Social Media, printed and distributed by us business cards, leaflets etc.
4. We are cooperating with our customers as our business partners
5. Our aim is to provide long and lasting relationship with you
6. Hassle Free Subscription - so you can focus on servicing your clients, or
Make 'One Off' payment for full month of service
7. Integrate FREE *Customer Management System 'SETMORE' embedded on your Profile page and/or Facebook page - manage appointments, schedules and customers (*optional)
8. Mobile friendly & easy to use website without annoying adverts
9. First come first served - the longer you stay with us the better your positioning on Massages Me UK and your Profile visibility on the web

10. Link your website through Massages Me UK and improve dramatically your website ranking on Search Engines

11. Use your personal or business profile's URL  and link to it, use it on leaflets, business cards or different advertising platform

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact with us through the email form or leave us a message.

If you are providing only Sensual & Tantric Massage Services in London this is not a site for you! This site is for Therapeutic and Relaxing Massage Practitioners so please submit only such details for your Personal and Business Profile. 'Massages Me UK' is exclusively for health massage providers, therefore searching is easier for visitors. If you are providing Sensual & Tantric Massage we suggest you to Get Listed on 'Sensual-Massage.Me.UK'

Silver Profile - 30 Days of Service

*£50 - Female Therapists

*£30 - PROMO - Male Therapists only

What You Get:

  • 300-word profile description
  • Contact/Details section
  • Up to 2 Photos/logo on your profile
  • Search result below Platinum & Gold
  • Location Map

We have added this option for your convenience. If you have not decided about your preferred listing or would like just test our service then this option is for you.

For example you may decide to start with Silver Profile service to advertise your business.

After a while you will be able to bump up your ad by purchasing our Gold or Platinum Profile service or by subscribing to our services. The choice is yours!

30 days Profile/Ad Service

Subscription is the preferred options for Massage Venues and Massage Therapists who value their time and money. It is a 'hassle free' option with an automatic payment through PayPal. Simple and secured, for your convenience!

This option will guarantee best positioning on chosen Profile service on MassagesMeUk.

If you do not like long time commitment or you hesitate with this option then you can make one off payment for one month service instead and subscribe later on if you wish.

By paying for our service you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Make one off payment for one month of service


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Please provide us with the following details (when applicable):

- Your name, nickname, or the company name

- Telephone number (your business phone number)

- Type of services, type of therapy, and massages you provide

- Location for your 'Visit Me' service

- Location or area for your 'Visit You' mobile massage

- Rate for 'Visit Me' and/or 'Visit You' service

- Preferred working hours

- Languages spoken

- Your Profile/Ad introduction - up to 300 words recommended (the more the potential client knows about your services the better).

Important! We strongly advise you to provide your 'work' telephone or business landline telephone number whenever possible.

Important! Once your payment for subscription is submitted please provide us with your email or the name the payment is for. We need to know who pays for which service.

Please note:your email address will not be shared on our website unless you will ask us to do so or no telephone contact is submitted. Alternatively we can create a linkable email or email forwarding form on your Platinum or Gold profile.

If you prefer you can email us all details to:

or provide us with a link to your website (or your previous ad where we can derive all necessary information).

By subscribing our service you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Fill in and submit the form together with your logo/pictures or email us:

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Good news! We do not charge any commission on the bookings made through

There are three listing options - Platinum, Gold, and Silver. You stay in control of your customers and prices.

It is safe, convenient, and simple in 3 easy steps!

If you are a serious body worker, therapist, massage or SPA venue and would like to get listed, maintained, and looked after without any hassle then you should join us now. Try it!

We invest in print, web, and social media marketing.

With our listing price starting at £1 day it is a fraction of the price each individual  would need to spend on effective marketing!

Payments can be made in simple and secured way through the PayPal.

Once your subscription or payment is made please send your details and pictures for your listing through the form below or email.

Any changes to your profile can be requested by email and validate within 48 hours but usually much sooner.